a Young Girl Top driver in F4 and CLIO !

I will be the youngest driver in the French championship CLIO CUP which begins at Nogaro in august the 21,22 and 23th !
Then, back to WINFIELD Racing School in october the 12 and 13th to win the Worldwide Challenge GIRLS ON TRACK !

Doriane Pin drives in CLIO CUP France at Pau








My first F4 session in Le Mans at 200 km/h !

At Le Mans Bugatti circuit, the FFSA Academy gave me the opportunity to drive their single-seater F4 from the French F4 Championship !

F.I.A. Girls-on-Track and Ferrari selected me with the 20 best female drivers: the winner will join the Ferrari Driver Academy !

The FIA Women in Motorsport and the Scuderia Ferrari have launched the “FIA Girls on Track – Rising Stars” to find the best young female driver in the world to take them to the highest level. On the track, girls !

Doriane Pin selected by "Girls-on-Track" and Ferrari for a test to rejoin the Ferrari Driver Academy !

« The 2 winners will be the very first female drivers at Ferrari. » said Michèle Mouton, President of the FIA Women in Motorsport Commission.

Partners of 'Girls-on-Track' : Winfield Ferrari Pirelli Praga

in 2019, I’ve been French Karting Female Champion !

3rd last year, I won my first NATIONAL TITLE. I managed my competition weekend really well with POLE position, 2 wins in 3 heats, then winning the 3 finals !

 After 3 years in UFOLEP, 2 years in OK-Junior FFSA ,

2019 was the good one ! I am delighted to offer this title to all the people that helped me, starting with my father Renaud, Greg, Nico and my coach Marc Berteaux.

Since 2018, I’ve achieved good performances in 3 different catégories :

3rd at the Women’s French Championship at Lavilledieu for my first attempt, then 2nd at French OK-Junior Championship race at Ancenis after gaining 9 places in the last final,  I tried the X30 Junior with a 4th place finish in my first IAME Series race  at Chateau-Gaillard !

Doriane Pin récompensée par la Commission FIA Women in Motorsport lors du volant Winfield au Castellet , article fev 2019

Remarkable results for Doriane Pin who was coached in the FFSA Academy, with the support of ASK Rosny 93, Kartagène, Fun and Race, Alfano-Chrono.com, Pakelo France.

” To Be, or not To Be… on the kerbs ! “

Even before the invention of motor racing, “Willy” Shakespeare
was already asking THE question that racing drivers will always ask themselves : 
” Is it faster on the kerbs ? “

 Here is MY answer in F4-style ! with some more Videos !

Doriane Pin selected at 'FIA Girls on Track Rising Stars' with the best 20 young female drivers of the world !

official Website of DORIANE PIN, french female driver in Clio Cup, single-seater F4 and French Female Karting Champion 2019.

Award 2019 the FIA Women in Motorsports. Clio Cup France. Winfield Volant at Paul Ricard. F1 driver Jarno Trulli analises the high potential of Doriane Pin. Successfull F4 test at Le Mans with FFSA Academy. Doriane leading French Karting OK-Junior Championship among the boys. 4th in IAME Serie X30 Junior.